Thursday, 24 July 2014


A romantic comedy drama about a guy, Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) who finds out from his father on his 21st birthday that he can travel back in time. He tries to improve his future by changing his past with this ability. He gets married and starts a family. Later on, he loses an important person in his life which makes him realize that time travel can't solve every problem. He should learn to make mistakes and live each day as it comes because that's what life is all about. 

Rachel McAdams plays Mary, Tim's love interest. She plays the role well and differently despite the fact that she's played a time traveller’s wife before. There was so much chemistry between Tim and Mary, it was like they had known each other their whole lives. Bill Nighy plays Tim's father. This role is so different from the roles we usually see him in such as the Underworld series and Pirates of the Carribbean. He was so playful and friendly and I had fun watching him act.

There were also some Harry Potter characters, Richard Griffiths who played Harry's stepfather had a role as an actor in a theatre. Domhnall Gleeson, the main character also starred in Harry Potter as Ron Weasely's brother. 

The portrayal of all the characters was good, I think all the actors felt at home with their character. I like the fact that his ability to time-travel was a secret throughout the movie, nobody found out and there wasn't unnecessary drama.

I'll give the movie 4 stars.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Blended is about a father of 3 girls, Jim Friedman (Adam Sandler), who recently lost his wife, and a mother of 2 boys, Lauren Reynolds (Drew Barrymore), who’s recently divorced. They go on a blind date that turns out terrible and somehow they end up in South Africa for a 1-week trip, both families. They even share the same suite. Basically, the movie is about both families trying to blend together while on the trip. 

It reminds me of Just go with it starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. It’s the same plot because they go on a trip and end up falling in love. Bella Thorne, the girl from Disney’s Shake it up plays the oldest daughter of Jim Friedman, she’s really grown from the little girl she used to be. Terry Crews plays the African performer Nickens. It was a terrible role for him to play. I mean they could have used a less popular actor and he still would have pulled it off. I really don’t know whether Shaquille is trying to enter the movie industry because this is the second movie I’ve seen him after Grown Ups and he’s been crap. He should stick to basketball.

I think Adam Sandler likes to have fun in his movies, he’s done that in his last 4 movies and it’s already cliché, he should come up with something new. The only performance I liked was that of Jim Friedman’s youngest daughter, Lou. She was so cute and adorable.

I’ll give the movie 2 stars.